Grimblewoods Volume 2

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Grimblewoods Volume 2
A Jimmy Beans exclusive club originally, now they’re available to everyone! You’re invited to the Ladybug Queen’s masquerade ball! All of the gnomes have chosen their best costumes for the party. A pirate, a viking, a wizard, and even a cheeky gnome dressed as the ladybug queen herself! The collection will release in stages. You can buy the full collection and the patterns will be automatically added to your library on the release dates. Feb 16: Gnorhild the Viking & Gnando The Wizard March 1: Queen Dotty & Gnilla the Regal March 16: Gnelson the Pirate & the Grimblewoods Castle
three knitted toys sitting next to each other on a white surface with grey background
a knitted bag sitting on the ground next to a cement bench and planter
Gnando the Magnificent pattern by Sarah Schira
Ravelry: Project Gallery for Gnando the Magnificent pattern by Sarah Schira
a knitted toy house sitting on top of a white bed sheet with a red roof
its4Rayna's Grimblewood Castle
Ravelry: its4Rayna's Grimblewood Castle
a knitted bag with two houses and mushrooms on the ground next to it, in front of an orange wall
a knitted hat with a needle in the middle and a striped sweater on top
a knitted gnome doll sitting on top of a white table next to a brown wall
two knitted dolls sitting on top of rocks in the snow next to each other
a red knitted gnome next to a small wooden box with a gold figurine
a knitted ladybug sitting on top of a sunflower in a field