Devils punchbowl waterfall, Ontario. This section of the Bruce Trail is near Stoney Creek with great views of Lake Ontario in the distance.

Devil's Punch Bowl is a ribbon waterfall on the Niagara Escarpment, in the Stoney Creek community of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

arch in downtown Hamilton in Southern Ontario, Canada by M.Christine Duncan. I would SOOOOO use that for senior and engagement sessions

Sea green color palette is a soothing color but still very stylish. See how to use sea green color in your home decorating whether grays, whites or more.

Wentworth Stairs - Hamilton Ontario. OMG these were a killer twice a day while I lived at my sisters!

Wentworth Stairs Hamilton ON for climbing or descending the Escarpment

Birks clock by Rosemary Travale, via Flickr.  The Birks Charging Horseman Clock in Hamilton, Ontario. Part of my childhood memories. :))

Birks clock by Rosemary Travale ~ The Birks Charging Horseman Clock in Hamilton, Ontario.

Stoney creek dairy ice cream bar. Lots & lots of flavours to choose from. Even round plastic trays that had printed on them "Stolen from the Stoney Creek Dairy". I had a few....

When l was little my parents would take my brothers and l for a Sunday drive out along the Niagara Parkway and we always managed to stop at the Stoney Creek Dairy for a banana split.

Eaton's elevator before demolition 1989...vintage hamilton

I loved the Eaton department store in downtown Hamilton.they actually had uniformed elevator operators that wore white gloves!

Starlite Drive-In Theatre still in business after all these years!

Starlite Drive-In Theatre still in business after all these years!

Hamilton Streeet Railway CanCar T-48 trolley coach 701 loads on Main Street at City Hall as diesel bus 609 hurries by, April 5, 1970. No. 701, the first new trolley acquired in 1950, would be retired in a few years as HSR renewed its electric fleet with buses from Flyer. No. 609 (model TDH-4517) was built by GM at Pontiac, Mich. in 1960 as part of a group of 12 buses which were active until the early 1980s. Photo by Ted Wickson

Hamilton Streeet Railway CanCar trolley coach and GMC Fishbowl Bus.

Memories from growing up in Hamilton...the Chicken Roost Chicken on a Bun.

When l was young, my father would take me, my mother and my two brothers to the Chicken Roost every two weeks when he got paid. Always had the Chicken on a Bun. Great Memories growing up in Hamilton Ontario.

General Hospital...

- General Hospital, Hamilton, Ontario - Architecture of Hamilton, Ontario - Archiseek - Irish Architecture

The Musitano crime family is a 'Ndrangheta organization based in Toronto and Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. The Musitano clan is the smallest of three centralized Mafia organizations in Hamilton the other two being the Papalia family and the Luppino family.  The crime family was led by Dominic Musitano until his death in 1995. His two son's Pasquale and Angelo Musitano joined their father in organized crime. Pasquale "Pat" Musitano then took over as official boss.

Undercover OPP cop chauffeured Hamilton mobster

Undercover OPP officer tells of life infiltrating killers, drug kingpins and mobsters.