riess - enamel ladle s

White vitreous enamel on steel small ladle (not pictured), ladle, draining ladle, skimmer, and a wall bar which will comfortably hold any three.

breakfast board : plain white porcelain

In Germany porcelain boards such as this one would traditionally be used to serve breakfast, that is cold meats, cheeses, preserves and bread. Here whilst we may not share these breakfast habits, they serve as excellent cheese boards or serving platters.

riess - casserole + steamer : a deeper 20cm 1.75l pot

riess - casserole + steamer : a deeper pot

riess - enamel plate . bowl s l

Austrian enamel plates and bowls, hydro-electric powered factories with strict ethical social and environmental practices

double hook

Hook 142 is still cast in wholly recycled aluminium and finished either raw, or with a black or white powder coating.

riess - cake + bread tin

A large white vitreous enamel cake, bread, or biscuit tin

filkins point blanket - for l

Filkins point blanket from Objects of Use This is a wool blanket that's very lovely in the flesh

duralex picardie bowl s l . gigogne . picardie

Heavy glass bowls in the classic Picardie pattern made in Duralex's La Chapelle-Saint-Mesmin plant of the renowned Saint-Gobain tempered glass.

ox-horn yoghurt + preserve spoon - for l

A round headed spoon with a longish fine handle, of a type traditionally used for the serving or yoghurt, pickles, or preserves, as it neither tarnishes nor taints these frequently acidic foods.

otona cutlery

Otona, cutlery The spoon measures in the region of x x and the fork x x subject to some inevitable hand made variation.

pestle + mortar : size 0

For over a century Milton Brook of Stoke on Trent have been producing these fully vitrified porcelain and beech pestle and mortars