burgon + bell - bouquet garni bags ; muslin

Avoid accidentally crunching down on a pepper corn, clove or bay leaf by adding woody spices to a bouquet garni bag when adding flavour to slow cooked stews.

mason cash - ceramic pudding basin : 7 sizes

The classic Mason Cash white pudding basin, made in England since the is still used by the British Royal household for Christmas puddings.

millet hand whisk ...

We have sold six designs of Tumut Broom Factory millet brooms for more than 10 years. Tumut Broom Factory Millet at Tumut, NSW has been making brooms from hand

scourer : rice root fibre

A beautiful, natural brushware, rice root fibre pan cleaner made from a crinkly, yellow, fibrous root called Zacatan or rice root. The rice root fibre brush is


Enjoy the simplicity of this beechwood nutcracker, made in the Czech Republic. Unscrew to insert a nut, then tighten to crack the shell.

dish cloth : unbleached  cotton

dish cloth : unbleached cotton

falcon - enamel jug : 1 L / 2 L

Enjoy the elegance of this two litre Falcon enamel jug. Imagine it filled with ginger cordial, iced water and mint one day and Pimms with friends the next.

falcon - enamel spoon / perforated spoon / soup ladle

Odgers and McClelland Exchange Stores has one of the broadest ranges of Falcon enamelware available in Australia. The current owners, started selling enamelware

falcon -  enamel lasagne pan

A lovely deep x x white Falcon enamel pan for cooking lasagne or hearty vegetable or pasta bakes. Falcon enamelware is a great heat conductor, l

falcon - enamel baking pan : all white

The versatile Falcon enamel baking pan is now available in all white. An excellent sized pan, for roasting meat or vegetables x or baking large fami

robert gorden au - ceramic jar s l / ceramic jug s l

Australian potter Robert Gordon Australia has created a large ceramic jar reminiscent of glass preserving jars, shown here in white. Use the ceramic jar, large

french wooden spoons : s m l / flat-bottomed

Every kitchen needs a supply of wooden spoons. We have wooden spoons, made in France, in three lengths: and

long-handled bone spoon

A beautiful bone long-handled spoon for reaching goodness all the way to the bottom of a jar, whether it's jam, condiments or olives.

french wooden spatula

There's a joy in using a simple, well made tool and this wooden spatula fits the bill.

scrubbing brush : coco fibre / 2-length synthetic bristle

scrubbing brush : coco fibre / 2-length synthetic bristle