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Either it is place or office, we store a lot of secrets and private information on our PC which is not for all to access. Many of data and photos are gathered which must be secured against all unauthorized access. Encryption software protects all your data and information from prying eyes. Some of the best encryption software for Windows are VeraCrypt, Disk Cryptor, Gpg4win, Dekart Private Disk, AxCrypt, 7-Zip, Bitlocker Drive Encryption, etc.

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We have investigated about a significant number of best antivirus. Furthermore, you can discover here various malware programming on which you can depend. Get these devices by going by us.

If you PC is performing slower than usual, or if your screen is bombarded with pop-ups and lots of advertisement and suddenly crashes then you machine might be infected with a malware, spyware, adware or a virus – even if you’ve got the latest antivirus …

If you are using windows and want to get screenshot then, Pta Hai is giving you the best information about best screenshot tricks.

Is anyone truly born a natural presenter? We can still pull off a pretty kick-ass presentation and using emaze we can convince everyone.

Shortcuts of Keyboard are combinations of 2 or more keys that perform a task that would need a mouse or other pointing tool. Keyboard shortcuts can save your time and effort as you use Windows and other apps. Most of them provide accelerator keys to help make it easier to work with menus and other commands. If a letter of a word indicates in a menu bar, it usually implies you can click the Alt key and the underlined key together instead of clicking that menu item.

Three really handy Excel keyboard shortcuts

Windows Laptop and PCs mostly slow down as applications and software are installed and utilized. Either you are woking on a word processor, using a spreadsheet, using the internet, playing games or something else, then Generally hard disk fills with temporary files so they will do not ever get removed while no longer needed. The hard drive can succumb to this wear and tear over time, and these methods will teach you how to fix that: 1.Freeing Up Resources 2. Making Hardware Adjustments

The secret to improved IT services at Valdosta State University involves training student workers, establishing a service catalog, adopting new technologies and more.

Command prompt is like an old fashion thing while we have attractive interfaces nowadays. We are having an easy interface in the form of windows then why we use command prompt? Well, it is not bad as one might think. However command prompt is a little bit complicated, but it can do many manual works in just a single command. Here are some basics tricks of command prompt which can save our so much time every day like Getting Help, Function keys, Save a command to a File, etc.

PtaHai spreads the knowledge about software, mobile apps, gadgets.

7 Best Windows Media Center Alternatives

PtaHai spreads the knowledge about software, mobile apps, gadgets.

You can make your installation media small by using usb instead of cd. Now you can make a usb as a bootable window usb. This will help you to make small installation window media, and it is easy to use, and transport this media from one place to another. Here is step by step info to make a bootable usb.

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The editing in pdf is more difficult than creation of pdf. Sometime you create the pdf using any software but later you see that you have changes in it so now it is difficult to edit the pdf . Here you can find the easy way to edit the pdf file

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Uninstall any software is easy task but the normal uninstalation of software keep many temporary   files and and any other error which can't remove after the uninstalltion of the software. Here you will find many software that uninstall software completely with temporary files also.

Here are all you need to know on how to remove tonsil stones with easy way/method. People asked on how to remove tonsil stones, here is the answer.

Window 10 is now trending OS but installation and un-installation of software is some difficult process in this OS. Here we explain the proper way of installation and un-installation the software.

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Here is the list list of top 10 video players. Visit our page & get details information about their functionalities of these players.

PtaHai spreads the knowledge about software, mobile apps, gadgets.

There is the lot of difference between two Operating Systems Linux & Ubuntu. You have to visit our website to know the difference between these 2 OS.

PtaHai spreads the knowledge about software, mobile apps, gadgets.