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Men with ADHD may bring unique challenges to a relationship — career shame, emotional dysregulation, and anger are a few common sticking points. Learn how both partners in a relationship can recognize these symptoms of ADD, and work through them together.


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26 Great Apps for ADHD Minds
Best to-do list apps, calendar apps that work for ADHD brains, apps and add-ons that improve your writing -- and smart tricks on how to make sure you use them effectively.


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What is ADHD? An Overview of the Causes and Signs of ADHD | Verdugo Psychological Associates
Adhd can be a challenging condition to deal with. Learn 12 strategies to beat adhd naturally with nutrition, exercises and supplements.


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ADHD Explained Using Comics ~ Dani Donovan "Poor attention regulation can go both ways"
You are more than just a diagnosis.
(21) Dani Donovan 👩🏻‍🎨 ADHD Comics (@danidonovan) / Twitter

ADHD Facts

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“Everyone told me there was nothing wrong with me. But I had such yearning, such anguish inside. I wanted to excel, but something was holding me back.” Click to read the full article.
ADHD doesn’t diminish with age. In fact, symptoms of ADHD may flare after midlife. In depth interviews found these commonly shared ADHD struggles after age 60.

ADHD and Aging

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ADHD and Sleep: Why People with ADD Are Always Tired


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Adults with ADHD often wear different "masks" to hide the personality traits they're most ashamed of. Learn how to shed the facade here.


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Melancholy and My Infinite ADHD Sadness
Rarely (if ever) does overthinking bring joy.


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ADHD and Lack of Motivation: 3 Causes & 3 Strategies For Overcoming it
Home / Twitter

Follow Through

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The ADHD-Dopamine Link: Why You Crave Sugar and Carbs

Cravings and Temptations

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"A Great Morning Begins With A Great Evening" Healthy ADHD Evening checklist by Liz Lewis
Accommodations for ADHD
Did you know mindfulness can help children academically?

Tools and Strategies

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Did you know mindfulness can help children academically?


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Me like, like me.
ADHD Explained Using Comics / Twitter
Illustrating ADHD: Using Comic Art to Explain ADD


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People with ADHD have a fundamentally different sense of and approach to time than most other people. So one team devised a way to reveal how each person perceives time, a framework "that allows people to talk about how their minds work differently, and gives them something to do about it."

Time Management

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Adults with ADHD, you are not lazy, stupid or crazy. I promise. Nope, you just make decisions differently than most people. Knowing how you make decisions is key to making it all easier.
ADHD, Executive functions, emotions, and comorbidities.
The Silent Suffering of Adults with ADHD

ADHD explained

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ADHD and it's comorbidities.
40% of children with ADHD / ADD also develop ODD, a condition marked by chronic aggression, outbursts, and frustration. Understand your defiant child here.
Two-thirds of individuals with ADHD have at least one other coexisting condition - Printable PDF from CHADD


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ake the whole thing super moist. Mixing everything right in the
ADHD diet suggestions #attitudemag and #adhdplate
ADHD: What’s the GUT Got to Do With It? | Honestly ADHD


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How Does Vitamin D Help ADHD?

Vitamins and Supplements

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If your medication is working, you'll see these 6 signs. Learn what to do if you aren't seeing the positive benefits you should be.
When it comes to ADHD medication, you may already know that there are two main types—stimulants and non-stimulants. But you may not be aware of key differences between them. This chart allows you to closely compare stimulants and non-stimulants.
If your medication is working, you'll see these 6 signs. Learn what to do if you aren't seeing the positive benefits you should be.


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ADHD and Marriage Problems: 6 Common Issues & SolutionsFooterLogoBack ButtonSearch IconFilter Icon
Click to read the complete article. " ADHD and successful relationships don’t always go together. Get 5 ADHD relationship tips on HealthyPlace that can make a difference." www.HealthyPlace.com #psychologicalvideosdisorders


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When you have ADHD, you're probably used to the struggle to remember things, focus, clean...they aren't surprising. But most people don't realize that ADHD often makes you over eat, too! In fact, researchers say people who are overweight should be tested for ADHD! WHY?!?! Why does ADHD make you over eat?  These 5 eye opening reasons are why ADHD women struggle to stop over eating. Knowledge is power!  #ADHD #ADHDinwomen #ADHDadult #ADHDdiet #ADHDproblems
ADHD - Should I Medicate?
Yep! I am doing another roundup post. This time I thought I’d put together a handy-dandy list of websites for women with ADHD.


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Many ADHD challenges are "invisible," or can be easily blamed on laziness. That's why this resource will be helpful for your child's teacher.
A Day in the Life of a Kid With ADHD


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