winter wonderland

A late spring snowfall transformed the quickly-greening landscape of Riding Mountain National Park into a sea of white. This Snowshoe Hare did not seem to mind the snow at all.

The air was still and the world was crashing down. The sky was shattered like an old pane of glass. The cracks were depicted by the lifeless trees. Their graven limbs appeared as the winding breaks in the steadily solid white sky.

Riders trying to get to Village before Adult White Dragon forest hills snow

Dragon Hunters by Findara McAvinchey (Fantasy Art Watch)

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Could you hear the whisper of the flow of this river? I could, it says spring is on its way, sun is going to heat ground better, day will seem unusually long, night will never seem dark anymore

Alfrigg the huntsman?

the authentic viking look, with NO HORNS ON THE HELMET! because vikings didn't use to sing century operas!

It is ancestral and magical, given to Faun by her estranged but beloved father. Every family member who inherits it adds another carving to the bow.

This would not be ok if this was sticking out of my chest.

The black lights danced in my eyes as I looked at the battle, the sickly sweet smell of blood rushed into my nose and made me dizzy. A whistling noise sounded behind me. I turned to see a black arrow whiz past me and hit an invader in the heart.

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