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a woman sitting at a table with a lamp on top of it and the caption reads, 13 tips to writing full - time don't miss this valuable post sharing r
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In the past I’ve warned authors against quitting their day job and writing full time. But maybe you’re raring to go and convinced that this is your time! And you know what? Maybe it is. Before you put in your two weeks, check out these 13 tips from full-time author RJ Blain. There is SO much wisdom in this post – and I urge every serious author, whether you’re ready to make the jump or not, to read through it carefully. Full post visit here:
a person sitting at a desk with a laptop on it and the words editing tools reviewed
On the Blog
In a recent discussion with fellow authors, we got around to discussing editing tools, and what they use and love. It was an interesting discussion, and one that caused me to spend this weekend testing out the capabilities of Autocrit, Grammarly, and ProWriting Aid. All three tools boast the ability to improve your writing – but which one is best? I tested out all three, and here are my thoughts:
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Author Resources
Check out this podcast by Jenn at Mixtus Media! It's an essential chat for new authors entering the book publishing world. Listen here:
Gifts for Authors
Writers aren’t the easiest people to shop for. We rarely go out in public. We mumble a lot. Curse at fictional characters. But we do LOVE thoughtful little gifts that remind us that there is a world out there, full of people who love us, and who are willing to overlook our idiosyncrasies. Let’s dive into 19 gifts that every author secretly wants…
a woman holding up a book with the title how to use red herrings to mislead and surprise readers
Red Herrings: How to Mislead and Surprise Your Readers
a woman sitting in a chair with the words how to create unique voice for your characters
4 Ways to Unlock Your Character's Unique Voice - The Novel Smithy
a white sign that says seven types of conflict to include in your novel with yellow flowers
Seven Types of Conflict in Fiction - Between the Lines Editorial
a woman in a red hat sitting on top of an open book with the title, the story savan's 9 plot points you must understand to write a page turning story
9 Plot Points You Must Understand to Write a Page-Turning STory
an old man with glasses and the words 4 scenes that reveal who your character really is
Write 4 Scenes That Reveal Who Your Character Is Seamlessly
Write 4 Scenes That Reveal Who Your Character Is Seamlessly
a woman in a yellow dress sitting on a couch with the words ready to finally finish your first book draft?
Top Tips on how to Write your Book in 3 Months | Mary Adkins, Author and Writing Coach
During this FREE MASTERCLASS you’ll walk away with...1. An action plan - Learn the exact process I use to write my books. 2. Scientifically-backed tools - Set yourself up for success from the get-go 3. My unique 4-Notebooks Method . Learn the best tips and ideas for writing your novel step by step. How to write a book in a month FREE MASTERCLASS with Mary Adkins.
blurry image of people walking in an office with glass walls and wood flooring
Why Do 8 Out of 10 People Experience Imposter Syndrome? They Ignore a Universal Truth About Success
8 in 10 Experience Imposter Syndrome Because They Ignore a Universal Truth About Success |
the words are written in white on a blurry background with black and white lettering
5 Common Writing Mistakes That Make You Look Like an Amateur
5 Common Writing Mistakes | There are a couple of common writing mistakes that will instantly peg you as a novice to any agent or editor, but are really easy to fix if you know what they are. Click through for writing tips to conquer those 5 common mistakes.
a green book with the words tips for writing snappy dialogue on it
4 Ways to Unlock Your Brainstorming Process - The Novel Smithy
an open book with the title three tips for writing emotionally intense scenes embrace big emotions on the page if you want to make an impact
Three Tips for Writing Emotional Scenes - Between the Lines Editorial