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an ocean wave with white foam on it
a large white bowl sitting on top of a table
Vessel With Blue Edges I
Vessel With Blue Edges I – J. Lohmann Gallery
a pile of papers sitting on top of a tiled floor next to a white wall
Sara Bjarland
Sara Bjarland | Untitled 3 from the series Collapses, 2013
some green plants in the snow on a white surface with light coming from behind them
Green Platform
the paint is being mixed with other paints
Color Study: Blush Tones
an empty field in the middle of nowhere
"Roadtrip Across The Desert In America" by Stocksy Contributor "Luke Gram"
a bush with yellow and pink flowers in the foreground, surrounded by other bushes
the tall grass is covered in snow and frosty plants are next to each other
grounded design by Thomas Rainer
the grass is covered with white frost
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