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an aerial view of a dirt path in the middle of some grass and yellow flowers
From the Air: late summer meadow | The Meadow
a stone bench sitting in the middle of a field with tall grass on either side
Calamagrostis x acutiflora ‘Karl Foerster’
two chairs are sitting on the stone patio
Architecturale (bedrijfs)tuinen - Studio K
an outdoor area with rocks and grass on the ground next to a stone wall that has been built into it
Riparian House – Riparian House, A house on a river in Karjat, Mumbai
there is a small pool in the middle of some tall grass with two chairs on it
Deep Water: 10 Modern Plunge Pools and Spas - Gardenista
a room with brick walls and plants growing on the floor, as well as a round table
My life of crime as a woodland nymph.
a wooden door in the middle of a garden with rocks and grass around it, next to a tree stump
Mes coups de cœur de la semaine #64
an outdoor patio with tables and chairs surrounded by greenery in front of a brick wall
Floris Steyaert tuinarchitect Brussel
an instagram page with a lawn and lounge chair
the garden
the garden: July 2013 alexis sorbus
two trees are in the middle of a concrete structure with stairs and steps leading up to them
White Square - Dani Karavan - Loves by Domus
a man standing in front of tall white pillars with trees growing on them and one person looking at the ground
a black and white photo of a tree in the middle of a walkway
White Square - Dani Karavan - Loves by Domus
some tall grass sitting in front of a wooden building
A Beautiful Seaside Garden at the End of a Dirt Road - Gardenista
Jarava ichu
a tree in the middle of a pool surrounded by white walls and arches with stairs leading up to it
Chloé on Twitter