Reception and Waiting Room Seating

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a hospital room with chairs, tables and medical equipment on the wall next to it
Patient Room Seating
A comfortable line of Freelance and Aviera to compliment the patient room. Providing quality product, style, and comfort to patients and visitors. Contact for more information
a hospital room with chairs, desks and medical equipment on the wall in front of it
Exam Room
The freelance provides options for patients and doctors to fit your budget and requirements. Contact for more options and information.
four yellow chairs sitting in front of a window next to a table with a potted plant on it
Health Clinic Reception Seating
The freelance line comes in a variety of sizes to accomodate all of your clients. Choose the right upholstery for your environment. Delivered in 3 - 4 weeks. Contact for more information
a medical room with two chairs and a desk in the corner, next to an open cabinet
Patient Exam Room
The Focus Chair is a sturdy, comfortable option for both doctors and patients. The right upholstery is bleach cleanable and easy to keep clean. Contact for more information
a living room filled with furniture and a flat screen tv mounted to the side of a wall
Impressive Reception Area Seating
Be sure to impress your clients with this fabulous product from Ideon. CAMEO is sleek and modern, and available in many fabrics - including bleach cleanable to ensure a healthy space for your guests. Contact Margie, for any and all of your workspace questions or requirements.
the interior of an office with chairs, tables and signs on the wall that read artfact
Stylish Guest Seating
Enhance your reception area seating with the impressive and comfortable GOBI chair from sitonit. So many fabrics to choose from, and a variety of bases as well. Delivered in 3 - 4 weeks, and no minimum order. Contact Margie, at for more options and pricing.
an office lobby with chairs, tables and couches in it's center area
Health Clinic Seating
Aviera Steel Frame seating line offers a full comprehensive seating line. 500lb capacity on standard up to 750lb on bariatric seating. Talk to me and we can coorindate the entire look of your clilnic, while providing the best quality and comfort for your patients and guests.
four yellow chairs sitting in front of a window next to a table with a potted plant on it
Waiting Room Seating
Whether you need standard seating for your reception or waiting rooms, or bariatric sizes - the Freelance can accomodate it all. Up to 350 lbs with the heavy duty option. Upholstery options, frame options, with or without arms. Email me, and we can talk about what might work in your space.