Chokha de courge - Épices de criu

An extremely simple squash recipe; Ideal for lunch or as a side dish if the meal is somewhat more elaborate.


Panch phoran, the classic Bengalese masala, is a very versatile blend that is commonly added whole and roasted in the early stages of the recipe.


Bikaneri Bhujia is a mixed vegetable dish from the Indian province of Rajasthan.


Black curry is a typical blend in Sri Lankan cuisine. Select spices are lightly grilled and served with basmati rice and grated coconut. A very aromatic curry.

Kozhierchi curry - Épices de cru

A subtly sweet Kerala style chicken curry and cashews.

Cari de courge de Sanath

''The best curry ever'', according to our Sri Lankan cinnamon producer. Sanath is our Sri Lankan cinnamon producer, more important however, he is our friend.

Porc à la mode de Goa

It's not often that we think of Portuguese-Indian fusion.