French Growth Mindset Posters - Mentalité de croissance

French Growth Mindset - Mentalité de croissance - État d'esprit de développement

What you are getting: - 1 colourful poster with 13 French phrases that teachers can use to encourage a growth mindset x - 14 colourful posters with French Growth Mindset statements x Note: I print these at home but they look great printed at Staples too!

Le français et vous — Les mots interrogatifs

You will be able to speak like a native, to natives, and have them slapping you on the back and saying that you're the one person that understands them.

Infographie : le français, 5e langue mondiale - France-Diplomatie - Ministère des Affaires étrangères et du Développement international

Infographic : French, the World Language - France-Diplomatie - Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development

physiognomie, #French #facialexpressions

Emoticons/Emojis are a great tool to teach emotions in French! This integrates century technology to learning basic French concepts! Students will be able to recognize and identify various emotions in the French language!

Vocabulaire : la cuisine

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