i love Dante from aphmau

i love Dante from aphmau

i like 2 play minecraft. i <3 Aphmau. i am cactus Jones. Perston is my fav
i love Dante from aphmau
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1.) MCD 2.) #Gaurance (for life) 3.) Laurence (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 5.) His Choice(i cri everitiem) 6.) FALL-ing for you (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 7.) Katelyn? 8.) Travis 9.) Shadow Night 10.) Guard

1 My street 2 Zane~chan 3 Travis 4 Kawaii~chan 5 the one where Aphmau meets the chicken shannon 6 the one where Aphmau knew that Aaron was FC 7 Katelyn 8 Travis 9 Shadow knight 10 lord

And this is what helps me have faith when things go wrong

Garroth, Laurence, Katelyn, and Aphmau is the best team. their team song would be Warriors by: Imagine Dragons.

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XD Also I would love for you to put a warrior name for him/her and also the gender when you pick one. Your comment should look like this, I would like (Number) and it's name will be (Warrior cat name) It is a (Gender)

OMI Garroth you so right *little sarcasme*

This was a great video xD

Is it wrong I think Travis looks good in this picture?

I like how Vylad, Zane, Garroth and Laurence have turned out who are ur favs? I bet you all the comments will be all like Aaron looks soooo pretty