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DIY Water Blobs

DIY Water Blob This is better than a slip n’ slide! Although it’s “water play”, it’s completely dry (unless you add water to the top). I can image it gets pretty warm towards the end of the day, so it.

Kids had a lot of fun! It didn't last long though...we should have made it with a heavier plastic. The Water Blob

DIY Water Blob (tips and tricks) - keep the kids entertained for hours using duct tape and plastic sheeting! This looks like fun. a huge waste of water since it all dumps on the ground, but fun.

DIY Bucket Dump | Backyard Sprinkler Park | Event Horizon

build your own Backyard Sprinkler Park, bucket dump, sprinkler arch - tunnel, flower shower, dueling noodle cannons using mostly pvc pipe.

10 Party Games to Play with Water Balloons

Here are 10 fun party games you can play with water balloons this summer! These games will be a big hit for all ages: Water Balloon Spoon Races via Two Shades Of Pink – All you need to stage this race are some wooden spoons from the dollar .