Great snowboard graphic from Chili Thom

I am a really big fan of this snowboard by Chili Thom because of the summer evergreen tree featured on the bottom I also find myself interested because of how warped and individualistic this tree is. And the wood grain top tops it all off.

Chili Thom, BC, Canada

Purchase original paintings, giclee prints, and paper prints from the Chili Thom Fine Art Gallery. Featured Canadian artists from Whistler, Vancouver and Sea to sky corridor.

Chili Thom The Final Fury

Tree Final Flurry - Acrylic on canvas painting by Chili Thom

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The River Runs Deep - 12 x 16 Acrylic on Canvas This piece was done for the Whistler Half Marathon in 2011 for the awards poster.

Back To My Youth - Chili Thom

Amazing painting by artist Chili Thom. One of the most talented Canadian Artists today

First Light in Mexico by Chili Thom

First Light in Mexico - Chili Thom Acrylic painting on canvas - SOLD

Arbor KOA Mission Chili Thom 37 Swallow Tail Longboard

Hit top speeds in smooth style with the Arbor Mission Swallow Tail longboard complete. The Mission complete longboard features a beautiful Hawaiian KOA wood top ply that is visible via the already applied clear recycled glass grip tape, a custom "

Berries On My Mind - Acrylic painting on canvas by Chili Thom

Berries On My Mind - Acrylic painting on canvas by Chili Thom

Artist Chili Thom

The Spirit Molecule - Chili Thom