Personality-Packed Brand Messaging Strategy

Identify your brand voice, building your copy bank, generate one-liners, and infuse your messaging with your distinct personality.
20 Pins
an image of the ocean with text that reads 75 % of consumers buy from brands that share their value
Brand Core Values
Consumers buy from brands that share their same values.
a green book cover with the words building a brand voice and messaging guide on it
Build A Brand Voice Guide
Learn how to build a brand voice and messaging guide
your brand voice is every evolving Evolve
Brand Voice
Your brand voice will continue to evolve
Learn To Create Your Brand Voice Discover Yourself, News Blog, Blog
Learn To Create Your Brand Voice
Learn to create your brand voice in the newest blog post
Brand voice and tone Adjectives, How Do You Find, Guidelines
Brand Voice and Tone
What's the difference between brand voice and tone? How do you find your brand voice?
Ted Lasso Brand Voice
Your Website Should Sound Like You Feelings, Feel Good, Like You, Good Brands, Sounds Like, Fun Things To Do, Sound, Website Copy
Your Website Copy Should Sound Like You
Don't surprise your clients with who you are. They should know you and be excited to work with you based on your website copy.
your website copy promises, process, and deliverables need to match your clients' experiences. Client Experience, Offer, Copywriting, Clients, Website, Experience
Website Copy x Client Experiences
Does your website copy match the unbeatable experience you offer your clients?
your brand voice should sound like you - isobel griffin creative Dreaming Of You, Be True To Yourself, Dream Client, Tone Of Voice
Brand Messaging and Voice
What is your brand's tone of voice? Soulful and empathetic? Sassy and clever? Badass rule-breaking? Professional and straightforward? The way your brand communicates should feel true to you, your personality, and your values while resonating with your dream clients.
3 ways to infuse personality into your writing Writing, Business Practices, Marketing Tips, Business Ethics, 5 Ways
3 Ways to Infuse Personality Into Your Writing
New blog post on 3 ways to infuse your personality into your writing, website copy, or social captions.
Give your writing the old razzle-dazzle. Punch, Razzle Dazzle
Crafting Personality-Packed Website Copy | Isobel Griffin
Punch up your writing with 3 easy steps to add personality to your website, blogs, and messaging.
the three tips for adding personality to your writing text on top of an orange and green check box
3 Tips to Add Personality to Your Writing
3 easy tips to add personality to your writing. 1. add super specific details to paint a picture. 2. swap your bland verbs for ones that inspire and move. 3. create a word bank full of phrases you can pull from.
Use this, not that: unique
bespoke, curated, distinct, iconic, noteworthy, one-of-a-kind, refined, remarkable, uncommon, unmatched. Inspiration, Words, Unusual Words, Understanding Yourself
Word Inspiration - Unique
Make your messaging stand out! Swap the word 'unique' for one that actually is. No more boring, repetitive words that you see on every website. Rethink your web copy to help your dream clients truly understand your business, brand, and value.
Favourite Words: blissful, breathtaking, breezy, crave, kindle, striking, unapologetic, weave Blog Seo, Words To Use, Blog Topics, Favorite Words
Favourite Words to Use in Web Content
Word inspiration for when you want to invoke full body shivers, make your readers get up and shimmy, or let their imagination run wild.
Use this not that: authentic. Candid, genuine, honest-to-goodness, faithful, heartfelt, indisputable, irrefutable, natural, undeniable. Writing Tips, Faith, Good Things, Business Advice, Heartfelt
Words to Use Instead of Authentic
Writing tip: the word authentic is used everywhere lately, try swapping it out for another word to add some spark to your messaging.
use this, not that: good. Endearing, fascinating, impactful, epic, genius, killer, lovely, phenomenal, unmatched Life Changes, Life Changing, Empowerment
Scroll-Stopping Words for Good
good is just so...meh what makes your service or product good? it it life-changing? is it thrilling? will it have your clients bragging about the experience for days? try swapping out good for a more specific description that fits your brand voice!
a poster with the words not that beautiful in different font and color scheme, including an image of a woman using a tablet
Use This - Not That: Beautiful
When writing, swap out the word beautiful for one of these other enchanting, striking, or stunning words to conjure up a detailed image
text says: more than your colour palette. 11 questions on brand strategy with brand designers. Photo of strategic brand designers Design, Digital Marketing, Brand Strategist, Colour Palette, Brand Strategy, Creative Branding
11 Questions on Brand Strategy with Brand Designers
Here's what the dynamic duo behind Foster Creative Brand Design Studio have to say about: 1. How foundational brand strategy is for your small business 2. Their creative process and the best part of working with their clients 3. What the Charmin toilet paper bear really means
Add a little bit of spice to your copywriting