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Your website copy isn't just words on a screen. It's what calls in your dream clients, tells them YOU are the right solution for them, showcases your…
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the words on your website can't just check boxes Website Copywriting, Website Copy, Copywriting, Check Box, Clients, Website, Dream Client, Brand, Business
Your Website Copy Can't Just Check Boxes
Your website copy makes a difference in what potential clients find your website, who reaches out to you, and how confident they feel working with your small business. So it can't come down to a checklist. Your website copy should truly reflect your brand, your values, and the transformation you give your clients.
Top Nine Unethical Sales Practices To Dump - Read Now. Things To Sell, Uplift, Avoid, Sustainable Decor, Things To Come, Common
Top Nine Unethical Sales Practices To Dump ASAP
Feel icky when writing sales copy for your small business? Don't worry, your copy can uplift your readers and still sell. Discover 9 common unethical sales practices to avoid today!
a beach with palm trees and the words 7 ways a copywriter helps your biz
7 Reasons To Hire A Copywriter
7 reasons to hire a copywriter for your small business
what is copywritering? how does it help your creative biz? by bobel griffin creative
What Is Copywriting?
What is copywriting and how does it help you creative business? Find out here!
an image of flowers with the text 75 % of consumers buy from brands that share their value
Brand Values Matter
Your brand values matter - 77% of consumers buy from brands that share the same values
an image of a cell phone with the text brand voice on it and other words below
Brand Voice Guidelines
Know your brand voice guidelines to create a consistent and cohesive personality across all your marketing touchpoints.
How to identify your brand voice Cbs, The Voice, Ymca, Griffin
How To Identify Your Brand Voice
Learn how to identify your brand voice in this latest blog post.
Build your brand voice Thoughts, News Blog, Build Your Brand, Witty, Ambitious
Build Your Brand Voice
Build your brand voice by selecting three human personality traits that reflect your values, purpose, and vision.
Embrace Human-First Copywriting Feelings, Accusations, Ethics, Embrace, Dreaming Of You, How Are You Feeling, Ways Of Learning
Embrace Human-First Copywriting
Avoid shame, manipulation, or flat-out lies and keep human experience at the centre of your copy.
How To Use Testimonials To Write Your Website Copy Build Trust, Being Used, How To Become, Blog
How To Use Testimonials On Your Website
Check out this blog post on collecting testimonials from your clients and incorporating them in your website copy to build trust.
3 key pieces of ethical website copy Coaching Business, Marketing Techniques, Marketing Tactics, Sales Pitch, Blog Titles
3 Key Pieces of Ethical Website Copy
write without shame, blame, or embarrassment with these 3 tips for your website copy
Do You Need A Long-Form Sales Page? 1. High Investment. 2. High Commitment. 3. Niche Solution. 4. Low Awareness. Form, Do You Need, Page
Do You Need A Long Sales Page?
If your service or product meets one of these 4 requirements, then you might need a long-form sales page.
Sex Lives of College Girls As Your Sales Page Buyer Personas
hey there business owners, treat your homepage like a hotel lobby Treats, Target Audience, Treat Yourself, Hotel Lobby, Client Experience
Treat Your Homepage Like A Hotel Lobby
And treat your readers like the stars they are by providing a luxurious, effortless, and inviting client experience.
Your copywriter shouldn't promise you the #1 spot on Google, force brand personality that doesn't feel genuine, or manipulate your clients Need To Know, Personality, Promise
Your Copywriter Shouldn't...
If you're hiring a copywriter for your creative business, you might not know what they should or shouldn't do. An ethical copywriter shouldn't promise you the #1 spot on google, force brand personality into your messaging, or manipulate your clients.
Sounds Like Me Website Copy by isobel griffin creative Good Brands, Ideal Audience, Your Values, Your Voice, Punny, Sounds Like
Website Copy That Sounds Like You
'sounds like me' website copy fits your brand voice, lets you confidently share your values and personality, and resonates with your ideal audience so you see more pop champagne paydays.
Four Reasons To Hire A Website Copywriter From Actual Clients
I'm a good writer, do i really need to hire a copywriter? - isobel griffin creative Writer, Do You Really, Finding Yourself
Do I Really Need A Copywriter?
You're a good writer...a great writer actually. Do you really need to hire a copywriter for your business? A copywriter isn't just putting words to screen. They'll take a step outside your business to help clarify your message. They'll help you find your distinct brand voice that keeps you front of mind for your clients. They'll save you time so you can work in your business instead of on it. They'll create ease in your marketing now and in the future. Hire your copywriter today!
Why You Should Want 'Sounds Like Me' Website Copy
Free SEO-Friendly Headlines for Your Website Copy. Download Now Play, Keywords, Headlines
Website Copy Headlines
Free plug-and-play website copy headlines that are SEO-friendly to bring in your dream clients. Download now!
Website Copy Packages For Creatives
you don't have to stay up all night writing (or rewriting) your web copy - isobel griffin creative
Don't Stay Up All Night Writing Your Website Copy
You don't have to stay up all night writing (or rewriting) your website copy. Not when you could be designing websites, sketching flash tattoos, or out surfing with your friends. Hand your website copy off to a professional who gets that you've got better things to do!
free video training on how to find and use keywords for your website at Research, Training Video, Workbook, Traffic
Find Keyword For Your Website Copy
In this free video training, learn how to find AND use keywords in your website copy to attract your dream clients. Free download!
What is copywriting? Content Marketing, Copywriting Tips, Copywriting Business, Writing About Yourself, Marketing Tips, Marketing Slogans, Business Ethics, Creative Entrepreneurs
What Is Creative Copywriting + How Does It Help Your Business?
Discover what copywriting is, what a copywriter does, and why you need one to help your creative business grow
no amount of witty wordplay, charming anecdotes, or proven sales techniques can sell a service your audience doesn't want. Sales Techniques, Insight, Hiring
Sell To You Dream Clients
Before hiring a copywriter, you need real strategy and insight into what your dream clients truly want.
On the Blog. 7 Reasons You Should Invest in a Copywriter. For Creative Service Providers. Investing, How To Find Out, Business Practices, Business Goals
7 Reasons to Invest in a Copywriter
Are you ready to elevate your creative business, reach your dream clients, and improve your sales? Deciding to invest in a copywriter is a big (and expensive decision). Check out this post to find out how a copywriter can help you achieve your business goals!
What are buyer personas? Buyers
Writing Website Copy For The Four Buyer Types
Learn about the 4 common buyer personas, how to sell to them, and how to write for each persona.