Notice something wrong? A REAL trencher would know this. Ramsey???? NO RAMSAY!!!

did a stan make that sign? oh wait didn't exist when he had black hair my bad

(4) One Love-Marianas Trench made by @ThisIsMyReality

One love- Marianas trench. I hate this band so much lol but its a really good song, so i made an exception.

B Team - Marianas Trench

What this reminded me of is the husbands running off or went missing and the wife's thinking why could they do this from the judge Perlata standpoint

Josh Ramsay on cats

Only Josh Ramsay could come up with something so amazingly crazy and random!

Marianas Trench is just amazing. Without them... I don't know where I would be.

“Once upon a Time, I used to romanticize, used to be somebody— nevermind.” “Yellow bricks and happily ever after we lived the end.

I don't actually cry, but their awesome music does make me more emotional than usual...

Lover Dearest and So Soon and Sicker things and Say Anything and yeah Masterpiece Theatre and By Now and Fallout, Skin and Bones hmmmm


You are perfect porcelain