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Tuscany Kid Friendly: Arezzo is the place to take your children for holiday next time. I can never imagine of any other better destination that suits your

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Italy is the home of many beautiful towns. One of these towns is Arezzo, which is located not far from Florence, a distance of approximately 55 miles in

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Italy has a number of different tourist attractions among them being the walking tours Tuscany fields. Tuscany is one of the areas in Italy with unspoilt

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One of the little known places that impressed me the most was the Archaeological museum.

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Basilica Of San Francesco In Arezzo This church, built in century, bears some of the richest history of Italy that makes it a major attraction

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What To Eat In Arezzo: Piadina Even in low seasons, great food is always available in Arezzo, one of the most popular destinations in Italy.

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So you’ve booked a holiday in Tuscany and now you are staying in Arezzo. Arezzo first started as a

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Tuscany is not just Florence. Here is a complete guide on what to do in Arezzo (Tuscany).