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an image of a book cover with the names of different countries on it's covers
MEGAN BOWKER — Alaskan born graphic designer living & working in NYC.
an advertisement for caterpillar boots featuring a woman jumping in the air with her legs spread out
an image of a drawing of a long, spirally string - like structure in black and white
Earthen Days
a yellow wire couch sitting in front of a window
“Crystal Clear” set of objects
an old record player is sitting on top of a wooden shelf with two speakers in front of it
Fables Booths | Fables
Fables Booths | Fables
many people are walking through an airport with colorful signs on the floor and in front of them
a multicolored box sitting on the ground in front of an escalator
Stadmakerscongres - studio de Ronners
a person sitting in the grass next to a green block with a sign that reads politikens bogha
a yellow poster hanging from the side of a wooden frame in front of a white wall
typographic poster design by Victoria O'May
a man standing in front of a yellow display case with words on the wall and behind it
studio 5.5