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many different colored bushes in a field
Kochia #2 -HDR
Kochia #2 -HDR | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
three different types of plants with red stems
Buy winter dogwood collection Cornus collection
some very pretty purple and yellow plants in the grass
January 2011 Plant Profile: Cornus sericea ‘Flaviramea’
various types of plants and trees in a garden with purple flowers, green leaves and red foliage
A Low Maintenance Garden that Celebrates Fall
some very pretty plants in a big potted planter with lots of green grass
Eriophorum russeolum
Red Cotton Grass. (Eriophorum russeolum). Beautiful, but not native to the lower 48 states. Native to Canada and Alaska.
two large planters with grass in them on the side of a house that says, plant lemon grass in big pots for the patio if repels mosquitoes and it grows tall
Garden decor ideas | Garden aesthetic | garden art | garden projects | House backyard patio design
an info sheet describing how colors work in your garden
How To Combine Colors in Your Garden (Lots of Examples)
Create gorgeous color schemes for your garden + some awesome color scheme examples to try. Using the color wheel, you can create harmonious garden color schemes that will evoke different types of moods. Learn about using analogous, complimentary, monochromatic and split complimentary color schemes in your garden. In the design your 4-season garden course you'll get a framework for a gorgeous color scheme in a lush, layered garden bed with multiple seasons of interest.
an image of the elevation and plan for a park in the woods, with trees
Elevation to Plan
an info sheet with instructions on how to grow plants in the garden
Arrange Plants In Your Garden - 4 Simple Ways
Arranging plants in your garden… many beginner gardeners really struggle with it. Learn 3 three simple ways to arrange plants and lay out garden beds that beautiful layered landscape that you want. Use these planting design tips to create a more professional and organic looking garden at home. Learn how planting in drifts, design plantings around focal points and creating organic rows of plants can be simple with illustrated examples. #ArrangePlants #PlantingDesign #GardenBedLayout
the diagram shows how many different circles have been arranged in order to make it look like they
How to Design a Simple Garden Plan
This garden plan uses hydrangeas, hostas, and lamium for a part-shade location.
an open magazine with plants and rocks in it
Photo 2 of 9 in Creative Landscape Design for a Renovated Eichler in…
Landscape designer Bernard Trainor’s creative use of poured-in-place concrete pavers—such as off the living room, where they break up a low-maintenance lawn of June grass—give the irregularly shaped lot a sense of order. Foxtail ferns and blue chalk sticks, a succulent, lend dashes of color to the entry courtyard, while thyme makes for a fragrant accent between the pavers.
an outdoor area with plants, rocks and gravel
an assortment of plants and shrubs in a garden
Mediterranean Landscape Design Mood Board — Greenhouse Studio