Celebrate with these Champagne Cupcakes! A classic vanilla cupcake with the elegant twist of champagne brings your sweet treat to a new level and will surely impress your guests.

Chocolatey goodness… Just like mom used to make. These brownies are super easy to make and even easier to eat!

These lemon cupcakes are refreshing to add to a dessert table and are sure to amaze a crowd.

These donuts are delicious! Also, they are fluffy and bite size so be prepared to devour many in one sitting.

A great treat for Easter, these cookies are colourful, creamed-filled and absolutely delicious!

These cupcakes are in honour of St. Patrick’s Day! The cake batter incorporates the rich stout and I was lucky to find Bailey’s Salted Caramel to add to the cream cheese frosting which just takes it to another level.

These bars are the most adaptable recipe that can curb any sweet cravings. An all time favourite is white chocolate chips and cherry bits but you can add any of your favourite tidbits to make this bar your own.

This donut incorporates the sweet and sour with cherry bits and a lemon glaze. It’s a perfect bite sized snack to go with coffee or even dessert!

These Sticky Toffee Muffins are a sweet mess that is delicious with every bit! Served warm out of the oven they are perfect for a dessert or along side your coffee.

A twist on your favourite sweet treat served for dipping with fruits, cookies… whatever you like!

Red velvet is a decadent classic that everyone enjoys. This is something special you can serve your guests over the holidays or for any occasion.

Delicious pieces of caramel covered popcorn clusters tossed with a cranberry fruit and nut mix – a perfect treat for the holidays.