This is the last (for now) painting having the Dacian Dream Catcher as subject. It is a big painting, with a lot of texture, figuring a lot of creatures (the main one being a headless woman) and critters and a Dream Catcher of a particular form, not very traditional. Lots of sexual, freudian and other weird suggestions and interpretations possible, with an orange - blue dominant. The floating figure in the right corner of the painting is a self-portrait.

One of my surreal paintings: the Big Dacian Dream Catcher (there is a smaller, different variant.

Carrots & red cabbage pulp

The beautiful colors and texture of such an ordinary, mundane thing as the remaining pulp of red cabbage, a lemon and carrots after juicing.

Loneliness, a painting by on vincent danu

Inspired by a 1933 photo (B&W) by Henry Cartier-Bresson made at Trieste, at the Adriatic Sea.

Senor PArano, a painting by Ion vincent Danu

Senor Parano (Salvador Dali) , a portrait by Ion Vincent Danu

Peach, Lime and fabric have interesting texture, too

A simple still life with a peach and 2 limes, some of my prefered fruits.