This Family Math Night 'What Do You Notice?' activity focused on triangular numbers and, for the little guys, shapes.

recognize, describe, and extend patterns such as sequences of sounds and shapes or simple numeric patterns and translate from one representation to another; analyze how both repeating and growing patterns are generated.

Who's Who and Who's New: Patterns, Patterns, Everywhere!

Hi everyone, it is Jane checking in with a few ideas for teaching patterns in math. I just moved down to grade two from grade five so it h.

Patterns and Number Sequence - 29 No prep printables - Grades 2-3

Number Patterns {Grades 2-3}

The Alberta: Grade 1 Patterning activity packet includes activity worksheets that address the following ALBERTA outcomes:- Demonstrate an understanding of repeating patterns (three to five elements) by:DescribingExtendingComparingCreatingpatterns using manipulatives, diagrams, sounds and actions.- Demonstrate an understanding of increasing patterns by:DescribingReproducingExtendingCreatingnumerical and non-numerical patterns using manipulatives, diagrams, sounds and actions.-Sort a set of…

{Grade 2 Alberta} Patterning Activity Packet