Berry Sunset by

Berry Sunset by

The Nose Knows by

The Nose Knows

Winter by

This photo really was kind of a mistake. However, I rather like the way it turned out Winter

Miracle of Lights by

Not the sharpest focus, but I just love the coloured bokeh in the background. Miracle of Lights

Bellagio Lobby by

The spectacular lobby cieling inside the Bellagio. I absolutley loved the colours of this blown glass piece!

Photo I took from the white rock pier this evening... sunset was so beautiful

Photo I took from the white rock pier this evening. sunset was so beautiful

Ultimatum by

The little cabin we stayed in at the KOA in Washington :] Ultimatum

Buzz by

Buzz by

Tall Tail by

I thought his tail was beautiful haha Tall Tail

Hearts by

The sand in the Oregon coast is amaaazingg Hearts