Yep! Used to be my Captain. Oh Shit!

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I love hockey, but I also love soccer and the fact that the top player is NEYMAR, whose career could have ended due to a broken vertebrae during the last World Cup, is being used to make light of soccer injuries is pissing me off.

Oh Man This Is Hilarious

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Epic referees and linesmen blunders, missed calls, soft calls late in games continue to impact game outcomes. It's a shame the officiating has not kept up with the game.

Montreal Canadiens amazing painting

Piliers des Canadiens, soumis par Les Habitants / Pillars of the Canadiens, submitted by Les Habitants



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Canadian Aviation NEWS: Canada: Passengers can't be Removed from Overbooke.

Montreal Canadiens - my favourite team!

The Canadiens are the oldest team in the entire league. Founded before the NHL was even formally established. A distinguished member of the renowned "Original Six," the Canadiens have won more Stanley Cups than any other team!

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Picture of NHL Montreal Canadiens Logo Tricolor Custom PC White Case for iPhone 5 iPhone