Jackie Lewtas

Jackie Lewtas

Jackie Lewtas
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Nail Art: Rainbow Nails | Summer nail art idea  Follow us for more ideas @Beauty, Health and DIY

Summer is HERE and one trend we can’t seem to escape is neon! Neon is the way to go for summer, you really can’t go wrong. You can mix it up with some fun designs or keep it simple and still be bold. I love the neon yellow and it looks so great with a.

....true. Not to mention walk the woods with you all day stalking white tail....or shoot just as well at the range and then help you clean the guns.

Free and Funny Encouragement Ecard: A real woman will not make you choose between her or fishing, a real woman will make you take her, and proceed to get the biggest fish!

country girl fishing | ... > Boat Bumper Stickers > Country Girl Fishing Sticker (Rectangle

some girls are to afraid or grossed out to put a worm on a hook, or even touch the fish. I grew up doin it :) I love fishin :)