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Jacqui Phillip

Jacqui Phillip
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Maison 12 piece Dinner Set Versailles

There are a few essential pretty patio pieces every Stimulista needs for impromptu cocktails or a celebration BBQ: a tablecloth, plates, tumblers and a serving platter or tray.


★♥★ Meet a Cacoon ★♥★ Meet a Cacoon; the coolest hanging haven for grown-ups and what a fantastic place for growing up in for kids. It’s your swing chair; your hammock ; your hanging garden seat; it’s whatever you want it to be, inside or out.

Check out my Mothers Bracelet! What does yours look like? Design a bracelet in just 3 easy steps! Just $29.95undefined

Design a Mother's Bracelet in 3 easy steps! Choose from 12 birthstone colors.