25 Awesome Facts about Canada #infographic #Canada #Travel #Facts

25 Awesome Facts about Canada #infographic

These are a few fun facts about Canada. Canada is a big country with the longest coastline. It is also one of the countries with the highest literacy rate. Find out more interesting facts about Canada in our infographics.

Binder clips along the ceiling of the truck to hold a sheet over the windows for privacy or a screen from the hot sun.

Simple Easy (Walmart Camping) Privacy Curtains for Your Car!

Canada Day Windsock looks awesome blowing in the wind on the front porch! {One Time Through}

20+ Canada Day Activities and Crafts

Oh Canada Sampler Primitive Rustic Country by PrimitiveExpressions, $30.00

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Show your national pride with this unisex Canadian inspired tee! Made with a poly-cotton blend, this tee is sure to be a spring and summer favourite.

minivan camper conversion | little tarp and two bamboo sticks gave us a front porch.

The Grove Guy: MINIVAN CONVERSION If you don't require a full conversion (kitchen, pop-up, plumbing, etc.) this is a real vagabond set up you can do in a day or two.

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