Wanderers - a short film by Erik Wernquist

Wanderers Directed by Erik Wernquist "Wanderers" is a vision of humanity's expansion into the Solar System, based on scientific ideas and concepts of what our future in space might look like, if it ever happens.

HowStuffWorks "How Doctors Without Borders Works"

How Doctors Without Borders Works

Doctors Without Borders provides medical help to war-torn or other devastated areas. Learn what it takes to work with Doctors Without Borders.

Students, say goodbye to snow days -- and say hello to school at home

Students, say goodbye to snow days -- and say hello to school at home

As schools face extreme numbers of snow days, some are turning to virtual school days to keep kids learning.


Adventures in Relationships - adventure journal

HowStuffWorks "Why can\'t we manufacture water?"

Why can't we manufacture water?

The manufacturing of water is a concept that will help the development of places with water shortages. Learn about the concept of water manufacturing.

HowStuffWorks "How Lifestraw Works"

How LifeStraw Works

LifeStraw is an amazing invention that allows people to safely drink otherwise unsafe water. Learn all about LifeStraw at HowStuffWorks.


Image 8 of 26 from gallery of Delta Cabin / AToT. Photograph by Manuel Ciarlotti

HowStuffWorks "Will computers replace doctors?"

Will computers replace doctors?

Will computers replace doctors? We already have surgical robots and Web searches for medical advice. Find out if computers will replace doctors.