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Brain Teasers and Riddles

It's always fun to solve brain teasers, and it acts a good activity to exercise your brain, keeping it fit. Here are a collection of brain teasers along with some tips on how to solve them without much difficulty.

Sisters in Zion: GAME: Hula Hoop

Hula Hoop game -- This game is easy, classic, and fun! Even up teams. One hula hoop per team. Each team stands in a line, holding hands. The goal is to be the first team to get the hula hoop from one end to the other end without braking the link.

Number lock clue.                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Place Value Cups. Use the cups to understand place value practice counting forward and backward learn the names of large numbers decompose numbers to expanded form. I would either label the cups 'ones' 'tens' etc. or add a comma cup or decimal point cup