Video/Song: A Pittance of Time - Terry Kelly Great for Remembrance Day Assembly: "It is so important to teach our young students the importance of recognizing and respecting our troops - not just on Remembrance Day, but every day".

Highway of Heroes Tribute. Sun Media photographer Pete Fisher presents a video tribute to our fallen Canadian soldiers.

Highway of Heroes - The Trews song as the background - how soldiers killed in action are brought home. The Highway of Heroes is highway 401 (from Trenton Forces base) travelling westbound to Toronto

Canadian Boys from Ottawa Normandy (Misc.) - Privates L. Roy and R. Parker, Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa, with a German flag captured in a quarry south of Hautmesnil.

This movie was created by Jeremy Lafreniere and Patrick Dornon for West Kings High School

Tom Brokaw Explains Canada To Americans. I remember watching this piece during the 2010 Winter Olympics. Take a few minutes to watch, listen, and enjoy!