oh Canada... a land of trees, rocks and practical inventions. It is the second largest country, the largest supplier of oil (keep it coming!) , a land that is gloriou

Canada (obviously not created by a Canuck cuz we call it 'back bacon,' not Canadian--that's the American term for it. otherwise agree with everything)

Canada Day - printables

Canada Day is almost here! Get inspired for the big July celebration with these 25 DIY ideas, crafts, printables and recipes!

Lethbridge Alberta, Canada

The Lethbridge Viaduct/High Level Bridge - Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada [1600x1200]

The Lethbridge Viaduct ( Lethbridge, Alberta ) is the largest railway structure in Canada, standing almost 100 meters high and over meters long.

Edmonton, Alberta CANADA

People here are so friendly! Be sure to Visit the Edmonton Mall!

Cereal Alberta,Canada

Because dad was busy politicking throughout the constituency and in the legislature in Regina Mom almost single-handedly ran the family business a thriving Marshall Wells Store

Lethbridge, Alberta

My home birthplace and home town till I turned Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada