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Although this comic sounds angry and bitter.) it holds lots of truth. Women, people of disability, or people of minority or anyone one else for that matter deserve to feel comfortable and to be treated justly in society.

What Is The Motivation Behind Social Change Social Change can be defined as action taken to alter the social order of a society. The idea behind social change is that those involved are seeking for the

A Tom the Dancing Bug comic strip. “In Defense of the ‘R’ Word” is published by Ruben Bolling in The Nib

Anti-Racism Ornament (Round) by oneracehuman

Being a peacemaker means actively making an effort to meet the needs of others, including making sure their voices are heard and opinions are respecte.

Education Equity: Education is a Civil Right - YouTube

This video touches on diversity and collaboration as well, but its main focus is the concept that education should be provided fairly and equitably to all children.