Land Rover Topographic Calendar — Zeynep Orbay

Topographic Calendar by Zeynep Orbay for Land Rover

The Land Rover 2014 is a calendar designed by art director Zeynep Orbay. The topographic map has a different shade for every month of the year and is sure to win over geology and design lovers alike. It’s an ideal desktop calendar for a teacher,.

Topography Memo Pad Inspiration for a shadow box using topography maps.

Altitude of 200 pages - Memo Block A memo pad with contour lines cut into it. The numbers printed on the paper indicate the number of pages remaining on the pad.

Painted Isla Mug -

Painted Isla Mug

Painted Isla Mug - Anthro. This is my favorite mug! I literally wash it and use it every morning!

ceramic mugs

Who wouldn't want to drink tea out of these gorgeous mugs? Stunning pottery from is all hand built in Raleigh, North Carolina in small batches, using slab and coil techniques to make simple and more organic pottery shapes. Shop: www.

Cylindrical Cord Holder

Cylindrical Cord Holder

"You're using your headphones to drown out your mind" - REGINA SPEKTOR - (Cylindrical Cord Holder)

Where Style and Function Meet Oral Hygiene

Where Style and Function Meet Oral Hygiene

Katsumi Komagata +

"A Cloud" is a book by Katsumi Komagata. Depth and shadow is created through the use of multiple textured paper stocks that vary in shades of white. The layering of the cut out forms reflect the ever-changing formation and shape of clouds over a day.