Avril Lavigne---The hair and makeup..

Avril Lavigne---I ahv always idolized her, especially when I was younger I was given a picture from her parents, signed by her. I would love to go to one of concerts.

Famous Canadians

Famous Canadians "The infographic is a virtual Canadian Hall of Fame and showcases influential Canadians who have contributed to scientific and social development, economic security and prosperity, and the creative arts. The Canada is home to great peopl

Graham Greene  Born: June 22, 1952  Tribe: Oneida. Canadian.

Graham Greene (II) Actor Graham Greene was born on June 1952 in Six Nations Reserve, Ontario, Canada. He is an actor, known for The Green Mile Dances with Wolves and Die Hard: With a Vengeance He has been married to Hilary Blackmore since December

Kim Cattrall

Kim Cattrall ~ seems like a beautiful person inside and out.' (and of course i loved her as Samantha!) Born in Liverpool, Eng. At age three moved to Canada.

Alexander Graham Bell (A famous Canadian) said "Leave the beaten track behind occasionally and dive into the woods. Every time you do you will be certain to find something you have never seen before."  #CDNGetaway

Alexander Graham Bell (March 1847 – August was an eminent Scottish-born scientist, inventor, engineer and innovator who is credited with inventing the first practical telephone.

That tie tho

Happy bday to the one and only, Don Cherry! It's official, Canada is sending Grapes to Sochi.

Proudly Canuck, the Best and Famous Canadian Actresses-Caroline Rhea

Proudly Canuck, the Best and Famous Canadian Actresses

In celebration of the Victoria day which is a national historical celebration in Canada on the fixed date of the first Monday on or before 24 May, I am featuring the list of best and famous Canadian actresses. This year Canadians will.

famous Canadian singer, Michael Buble

famous Canadian singer, Michael Buble What a smooth voice.

September 27 - b. Avril Lavigne, Canadian singer

Avril Lavigne is a famous Canadian singer and a songwriter. Avril Lavigne’s song Compicated is considered to be one of her best.List of best songs,video

Ellen Page   Famous for: ‘Juno’, ‘Inception’   Hometown: Halifax, Novia Scotia   According to IMDB, Page’s chums in New York nicknamed her ‘the tiny Canadian’. To be honest, she could do with finding some more imaginative mates, but the name does at least show that her all-Canadian qualities – the deadpan humour, the no-nonsense ‘tude – are easy to spot… if you’re an American.  When she’s not making movies Ellen still lives in her chilly hometown.

Ellen Page Famous for: ‘Juno’, ‘Inception’ Hometown: Halifax, Novia Scotia

Bryan Adams.  Because otherwise a broken guitar in the Summer of 69 is not very interesting.

Canadian singer/songwriter Bryan Adams turns 55 today - he was born in He is a best selling singer from the and with such songs as Summer of and (Everything I Do) I Do For Love.