Dessert à risque élevé de chicane dans la cabane pour le dernier morceau! N'allez pas dire que je ne vous ai pas prévenu pfft! ...

Légende dAutomne: Tarte à l'érable - Whatever it is, it looks fabulous. In…

Crêpe mince | Recettes du Québec |

Perfect crêpe recipe, like the kind you find in Montreal breakfast places. For this one I used half of the vanilla since I didn't want them too sweet.

Une recette FACILE pour un dessert exceptionnel comme au restaurant.

Mississippi Mud Dessert Brownies: Instead Of The Listed Toppings, I Pressed Chocolate Chips Into The Batter Before It Baked And Topped It With Chocolate Sauce And Vanilla Ice Cream.

Beignes de Madeleine et Agathe #recettesduqc #beigne #dessert #comfortfood

Beignes de Madeleine et Agathe #recettesduqc #beigne #dessert #comfortfood

Homemade Montreal Bagels, by

Homemade Montreal Bagels

Montreal bagels are decidedly different from the NY version. It's noticeably sweeter--from the use of honey and/or malt syrup and a great change-up to the regular NYC deli bagel.

Bûche au chocolat, mascarpone et vanille |

Move Over Christmas Cake for the Traditional Yule Log, however; traditionally the Yule Log was burned at New Years, so shall we can assume the cake of that tradition was eaten for New Years celebrations?

Sauce à spaghetti (la meilleure) |

Recipe for a delicious bolognese sauce that is rich and full flavoured and appeals to children. Great for lasagna and Spaghetti Bolognese

La plus simple et la meilleure... Oh que oui!

La plus simple et la meilleure... Oh que oui!

Une recette de fudge croquant absolument délicieuse et super facile à faire pour le réveillon!

Packed With Everything But The Kitchen Sink Cherry, Pistachio, Coconut, This Christmas Fudge Is Amazing!