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The Ankole-Watusi, also known as: "Ankole Longhorn." A breed of cattle originally native to Africa.

The Ankole-Watusi cattle are a multipurpose breed of cattle. It is also known as Ankole Longhorn, and sometimes known as simply Ankole or Watusi. It is a landrace breed, a type of Sanga cattle and originally native to East Africa.

Male liger. A mix between a tiger and a lion)

Fascinating Ligar - Ligars are the offspring of a lion and a tigress. The biggest hybrid cat.-- wondrous possibilities of genetics .not sure if this is photoshopped.i've seen ligars but they usually have a lion face

Hercules the liger is the world's largest cat. A liger is pretty much my favorite animal! @Kayla Barkett Babineaux @Heather Creswell Leigh @unabashedlyasheville Babineaux

The Liger is a hybrid cross between a male lion and a female tiger, thus both its parents are from the Panthera genus, but from different species. Ligers are the biggest of all the big cats, growing to almost the lion and tigers combined size.

Golden tiger

A golden tiger, golden tabby tiger or strawberry tiger is one with an extremely rare colour variation caused by a recessive gene that is currently only found in captive tigers. Like the white tiger, it is a colour form and not a separate species.