O Canada

Proud to sing O'Canada, at school, at hockey games, at movie theatres.yes, at movie theatres! <<< HAPPY CANADA DAY :D

totem pole free printable

totem pole free printable Lapbook for Joy Hakims book series A History of US Book 1 The First Americans Ch.

Mon petit livre sur le Canada

Canada Booklet (A Country Study)

Week 8 - Canada Booklet (A Country Study)-- Use during social studies units about countries around the world!

Fact Card for Canada. Print this page out and put it into your Girl Scout Thinking Day Passport. For more countries check out MakingFriends.com

MakingFriends Facts about Canada Printable Thinking Day fact card for our passports. Perfect if you chose Canada for your Girl Scout Thinking Day or International Night celebration.


Yeah when the British came to Canada they asked the First Nations what this was, they said Kanta meaning village, but the British heard Canada.

144 Things Canada Has Given the World A Skimming and Scanning Activity Canada might not be very old, but during its 147 years, it...

On Canada's birthday, 144 things Canadians have given to the world apart from Canadians.