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Even when she’s causing a bit of trouble, she manages to make it look cute.

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Funny figure skating

I don't socialise with the other skaters, and I only dislike the people who think the whole ice belongs to them.

Is that Gracie? Can't tell, but it looks like her.

This happened to me last week and my Coach "are you ok?" All the other girls in my class (in clouding one of my friends who is younger than me) started laughing

No joke some guys were doing this when me and my friend were warming up. So we were doing lunges up to spirals for a warm up for camel spin. So they started doing lunges like it was so easy and were pointing and laughing at us -_-

I have a hockey boyfriend (I'm a figure skater) and I think it's cute when he imitates me. But when other hockey players do it, they just look stupid.