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Spiced Hot Drink Mix to instantly flavor cider, cocoa, coffee, tea, or wine. Printable gift tags, too.  From The Yummy Life.

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This recipe for homemade Hot Apple Cider Cinnamon Spice Mix is amazing! It's easy to make with few ingredients and makes for a perfect DIY Christmas food gift! Stir into hot apple juice or red wine for a delicious and warming holiday drink!

Tried this simple cider spice recipe last night and it's delicious! Just mix the spices, add a spoon of it to your apple cider/juice and heat it for a few minutes. I added some rum too ; 7 DIY Christmas Gifts for Bakers Home Cooks and Foodies

Neurolymphatic Reflex Points - Applied Kinesiology Chart.

Applied kinesiology chart showing the neurolymphatic reflex points, acupuncture sedation points, acupuncture points for the treatment of gait mechanism, muscle/meridian association, TS line.

brain homunculi

A Chinese face map showing the organs of the body and their position on the face. How interpreting the Chinese face map can reveal to you the health of your body and any potential problems.

Chinese face map

Face Map: They say beauty is only skin deep, but is this really the case? Or does external beauty stem from our internal health? What if our breakouts & our face is telling us more than we think? What if our face is the map into our body