Some greasers at Queen & Bathurst, 1965. Love this! Thanks Vintage Toronto on FB. Photo taken by Barry Philp Feb. 18, 1965. © Toronto Star

Some greasers at Queen & Bathurst, Love this! Thanks Vintage Toronto on FB. Photo taken by Barry Philp Feb. I used to live nearby here. Went to Ryerson school.

Stunning colour photos of Toronto in the 1950s

Toronto was a quieter place in the Our skyline was made up of a handful of buildings from the our brick buildings were stained with s.

N/E corner of Yonge-Dundas. 1950

N/E corner of Yonge-Dundas. 1950 with "The Brown Derby on The Corner"

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The following months were spent dealing with the housing crisis caused by 180 completely destroyed homes and the over 1,700 severely damaged houses. Hundreds of homes across the region were condemned. This image is of the Humber River, looking north from Islington Ave., just east of Woodbridge (in Vaughan, Ontario).

Humber River, looking n. from Islington Ave. of Woodbridge (Vaughan, Ontario).

10 key Toronto intersections as they were 100 years ago

A hundred years is a long time for a Toronto intersection to evolve. Streets get widened, buildings get knocked down, and in many cases rural idyll.

University Avenue, Toronto, 1954

University Avenue, Toronto, 1954 (*I believe that the light brown building to the right is Sick Kids aka The Hospital for Sick Children. My g-daughter spent the first month and a half of her life there.

In the final tally, 81 people died and Hazel caused millions of dollars in damage. Forty highways were underwater, trains were washed from their tracks. The Militia was called in to help with the search for survivors. Almost 1,000 people were rescued from their homes in the Holland Marsh (near Bradford), which slowly turned into a lake. One family spent the night trapped in their home as it floated around the Marsh.

Humber River, looking s. on Humber Blvd. Old Mill Road & Dundas St.

Corner of Yonge & Bloor Streets -1971

Corner of Yonge & Bloor Streets

Yonge and Yorkville 1910

Yonge Street north of Bloor Street (Yorkville), Toronto, Ontario ca.

Bloor-Yonge, N/W corner, 1971 This building created in 1899

In this excerpt from his book ’Membering, award-winning author Austin Clarke describes the fraternity of “artists-to-be” who congregated in the jazz bars and taverns of an often intolerant city.