A honey bee sips nectar from a favourite food source, goldenrod, the softly blurred green background emphasizing the bee's furred body.

A honey bee searching out the nectar from the tiny pink blooms of sedum.

This grasshopper nymph, being inexperienced in its short life, is uncertain if it should be subjected to the whims of the photographer.

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The fly accepts the flower's gift of nectar and pollen, helping to ensure the continuation of both.

The softly furred bumblebee feeds from the bright yellow center of an aster.

An investigative look to the other side, a constant search for food.

The bright green leaf is mimicked in the eye of the dragonfly.

The Jagged Ambush Bug cleans its proboscis with a raptorial foreleg, preparing for the next meal.

The green sawfly larva travels the leaf to get to the other side.

The female crab spider waits for the ambush.

The water beetle enjoys the leaf it uses as a boat on the waters of its home.