1853-2003 Universite Bishop 2003

Canada Post - 2003 - Bishop's University: With the mission of providing a sound and liberal education, Bishop's University in Lennoxville, Quebec stresses excellence in teaching and classes of limited size.

Canadiens dans l'espace 2003

Canada Post - 2003 -Canadian Astronauts: To honour the achievements of Canadian astronauts and the space program. Dave Williams and Julie Payette

1852-2002 Universite Trinity College

Canada Stamp 2002 - Canada commemorative stamp for University of Trinity College, a college of the University of Toronto

1903-2003 Institut Macdonald

Canada Stamp 2003 - Macdonald Institute established 100 years ago to educate women from rural society, is one of the University of Guelph's three founding colleges along with the Ontario Agricultural College (OAC) and the Ontario Veterinary College.

1924-1999 Aviation royale du Canada 1999

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Canadian National Airshow de Toronto 1999

Canadian International Air Show,

Etoiles NHL 2001

Etoiles NHL 2001

1876-2001 College militaire royal du Canada 2001

Royal Military College of Canada designed by Jim Hudson.

Etoiles de la NHL 2002

Etoiles de la NHL 2002

Plus hautes montagnes de chaque continent 2002

Plus hautes montagnes de chaque continent 2002

1663 Universite Laval 2002

Canada Stamp - University of Laval

1802-2002 Universite Saint-Mary's 2002

Canadian Universities series, 2002 Saint Mary's University, Halifax, NS - The first in a multi-year series featuring Canadian universities celebrating significant anniversaries