Industrial and Commercial Door and Curtain Hardware
27 Pins
several different types of metal parts on a table with one roller and two pulleys
a man is holding onto a metal handle on a wall with a screwdriver attached to it
2 x 2 Tube with wall bracket for hanging curtains and doors
the pipes are attached to the ceiling above the toilet paper dispenser in this bathroom
Suspended track for photo curtain backdrop
an overhead view of a factory with boxes in the background
Truss Clamp Connector - Swivel Style - allows for parallel or perpendicular curtain installs...
a hand holding a metal door hinge with screws and nails on the side
Strip Curtain Hardware - Complete with retainer plates and lock nuts - 14 gauge galvanized Face Mount
a person holding a metal object in their hand
90 Degree Connector
a hand is holding the door handle to an open metal object on a white wall
Wall Mount End Stop - Up
the tools are being used to make a piece of wood and metal workbench
StripDoor Suspension Hardware...Allows strip doors and strip curtains to be suspended from a ceiling truss, beam, etc...
many different pictures of metal parts in various positions and sizes, including the bottom part of an electrical box
Clean Room Frame Hardware
several different types of hardware are shown in this image, including the handles and latches
Sliding Track & Trolley Hardware
there are many different types of mountings in this page, including metal and glass
We supply arrow looped strip curtains, universal mount strip curtains, accordion strip curtains, stand off mount sytems among many more...
a hand holding a metal object in the middle of a room with carpeted flooring
Track Splice connector with threaded rod. Allows track to be suspended...
the corner of a room that has been gutted and is being worked on by a worker
Header Mount Hardware attached with rod clamp onto I-beam
a person holding onto a white object in a garage
powder coated swing door frame