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34 Pins
an empty carton sits in front of the entrance to a restaurant that is closed
Install at Supermarket
an empty room with boxes on the floor and a closed door in the middle that says control
At Point Grey Research
the inside of a warehouse with clear plastic covering it
Accordion Door
some pizzas are being prepared in the oven for consumption to people who want to eat them
PVC Strip hung in display case cooler at Costco
a red barn with a cat in the door and fenced off area next to it
Strip Doors for Animals....additional pictures can be seen at :
several boxes stacked on top of each other
Ready to ship pre cut strip boxes...
a man standing in the back of a kitchen next to a counter and refrigerator freezer
Installation of trailer curtains using 8" amber semi transparent strips....a 50% overlap and header mount hardware. Door kit can be ordered online at :
a man standing on top of a lift in front of a building
Strip Curtain Wall exhibits 12" amber weld strip material with a full 100% overlap
a display case in a store filled with lots of food and drinks on trays
Reach In Cooler Case @ Sushi Restaurant - 6" strips velcro to top of the case...
an open door with the words pwc swing doors on it
PVC Swing Doors - 8 X 12 opening...
the inside of a warehouse with text overlaying it that reads strip walls for temperature conservation
Food Grade Strips @ Food packaging Facility
a man standing in front of a large stack of cardboard boxes on top of a metal shelf
Walk In Cooler
the inside of a building with blue and yellow doors on both sides of the hallway
Ikea - Blue and Yellow Configuration
an empty subway station with lots of glass bottles hanging from it's ceiling and lights on either side
Data Server Enclosure - 8" strips
a room that is being remodeled with clear plastic covering the walls and floor, including a ladder
Hospital Clean Room - 8" Anti Static Strips with Frame