Warehouse Curtains

Warehouse Curtains
45 Pins
an industrial warehouse with blue tarp covering the walls
Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA)
Curtains at Nutrition Co... U shape layout
an industrial warehouse with blue tarp covering the walls
a large truck parked in front of a building
a room filled with lots of furniture and walls covered in yellow draping next to windows
Yellow & Blue Divider
the inside of a building with pipes and equipment on it's sides, including an electrical box
Install at Inventys - 3 sided curtain - blue / clear / blue with track and trolley kit...View from scissor lift
some blue and white curtains are hanging in a room that is being remodeled with plastic
Welding Enclosure Install
a large white sheet is being wrapped in plastic
Warehouse Divider Install
the inside of a warehouse with lots of boxes and other items in it's storage area
Cummings Install - 12" Amber Strips
a man standing in front of a warehouse door with the words half opened on it
Accordion Strip Door
an image of a car being wrapped in plastic
Auto Shop Paint Booth
an industrial building with snow on the ground and sky in the background
Outdoor Curtains
an assembly line with blue barrels in the back and on the side, as well as other equipment
Laundry Facility
an industrial curtain / body shop curtains please select a curtain layout straight - run 2 sides
We can supply various curtain layouts from straight runs to T-Shapes and complete rectangles....
two pictures of the inside of a car being wrapped in plastic and surrounded by scaffolding
Paint Booth and BodyShop Curtains....Customer Pics
two cars are parked in an empty garage with curtains on the side of the building
A leading Car Auctioneer needed a curtain wall to separate the show room from the car wash and detailing area. The curtain would help prevent over spray, would hide the car wash area and help keep some of the wind and cold out. Curtains were hung from I beams and trusses with beam clamp connectors and threaded rod supports.... This Curtain wall was made up of an opaque top and bottom with a clear window in between...Colors were white for the top and hunter green for the bottom....