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four different types of clouds in the sky and on top of each other, all with different colors
The (mostly) complete Pantheon of Gods - Funny
a blackboard with writing on it that says hero does good for the right reason anti - villain does evil for the wrong reason
Anti-Hero Vs. Anti-Villain
an info sheet with different types of text and pictures on it, including words that describe the
GRAPES - A Technique to Help Writers with Worldbuilding
10 Free Worldbuilding Tools for Fantasy Creators & Authors
the text is written in black and white
the three types of subplots are shown in black and white, with text below
some type of text that appears to be in the same language as an email message
Spiderrrling Follow Jam Male Female O Writer Looking for Boyfriend Girlfriend OO An incredibly specific word that I can't remember , what-even-is-thiss Follow *wakes up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat* WAIT IT'S CALLED A THROW PILLOW holorifle Follow here is a super helpful website for this kinda thing! the first result isn't always the one you're looking for but when you press enter it'll give you a ton of words related to your query that'll probably have what you're wanting, or something better here's some examples: shadow outline silhouette I fold on jacket collar lapel string an arrow nock site is Onelook Thesaurus, also I cropped the stupid tumbIr "rEbLoG tO sAvE a LiFe" replies @ - site is Onelook Thesaurus, also I cropped the stupid tumblr "rEbLoG tO sAvE a LiFe" replies 🙄 - iFunny
an image of some text on a white sheet with black and red writing in it
Small physical things that give your characters personality
a text description with the words tips for all types of kissing scenes
Makeout/Kiss Scene Writing Tips
an article about writing on paper with the text here have 10 pieces of writing advice that have stuck me over the years
a screenshot of the website for writer's masterpost
websites for writers
Paper person looking to go digital?
Replace all your notebooks and printed documents with reMarkable, the only tablet that feels like paper.