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a stone wall in the middle of a grassy area with steps leading up to it
Ovals in the Landscape - Elegance, Healing and Celebration
Interesting way to use pavers, maintain the grass, yet have 'stairs' down a…
a cat sitting on the ground in front of a fenced area with bushes and trees
- Accents of France – Treillage
.I love a black fence, I would still like to do one in my yard
a wooden fence in front of a house with grass and trees on the other side
Looking what Jeff built: Front Yard Fence
Horizontal Fence. Love this fence!
some plants are in front of a brick wall
Lovely tones for the garden...the funky olive garden :))
a small wooden bridge over a stream in the grass
Yahoo Image Search
Landscaping design ideas - Kerala home design and floor plans
an outdoor garden with a pond and gazebo
Placing Outdoor Structures for Privacy - Landscaping Network
A well-placed structure can do the job of a privacy screen, and doubles as a functional part of your landscape. Photo by Maureen Gilmer - Morongo Valley, CA. Read more pro tips for using a garden structure as a screen here:
a screen shot of a website page with rocks and stones on the bottom right hand corner
Modern Landscaping - Columbia, SC - Photo Gallery - Landscaping Network
Concrete And River Rocks
a garden filled with lots of rocks and plants on top of grass covered ground next to trees
House Beautiful: Their garden is their workout centre
River Bed Idea - this post has a video showcasing a gorgeous home! There are a lot of landscaping ideas on it!!!
an outdoor living area with grass and furniture
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a modern house with stone steps leading to the front door
Japanese garden
a garden with rocks and trees in the background
Landscape and Hardscape Specialists
Great outdoor landscaping ideas site. I pinned this as a great idea for my side yard out front. Low maintenance boulders!!! And mulch.
three large planters sitting on top of a stone floor next to trees and bushes
Bowles and Wyer, rust coloured pots, Box balls and lovely lighting
an outdoor area with grass, bushes and trees in the background is a fence that has been made out of rocks
Gabion wall for privacy
Interesting look, with the section of gabion wall - creates a wonderful backdrop for the tree. by Badec Bros Deco, via Flickr